7 new stations


In recent months, we have received a number of proposals for new wupsiRad stations. On this basis we have now opened seven new stations in Leverkusen. Some districts will be integrated into the wupsiRad service area for the first time.

These are the new stations:

  • 5654 Bergisch Neukirchen-Stadthalle
  • 5649 Parkstraße in Hitdorf
  • 5648 Ringstraße in Hitdorf
  • 5651 Stephanusstraße in Bürrig
  • 5652 Baumberger Straße in Rheindorf
  • 5653 Rhein-Wupper-Platz in Opladen
  • 5650 Feldstraße in Quettingen

The stations are located either directly at the relevant bus stops or in the immediate vicinity to provide a connection to public transport.